Military Alphabet is often used by service men and women as a form of slang or euphemism. Below are some of our favorites.

Whiskey Tango FoxtrotWhat the F*ck?Expression of bewilderment at a FUBAR situation
Charlie FoxtrotCluster F*ckAn operation where things have gone disastrously wrong
Alpha Mike FoxtrotAdios Mother F*ckerSaid before assaulting an enemy
Whiskey DeltaWeak DickSomeone who lacks courage or is weak willed
Echo Tango SierraExpiration Term of ServiceSomeone who is about to complete their tour of duty
Lima Lima Mike FoxtrotLost Like a Mother F*ckerLost
Sierra HotelSh*t's HotRefers to something/someone that is excellent or has shown great skill
November GolfNot GoodA failure